built up handle cutlery



Our health status evolves (rheumatism, muscular weaknesses, traumas)
For various reasons we can develop gripping problems, lack dexterity and force in our hands and fingers.
We’re not able to grab, manipulate or hold small objects properly. Daily tasks even gradually become difficult to achieve.
GRIPO is the solution to these issues.
As well as being simple to use, it offers a strong and comfortable grip.
This will help anyone having limitations in his hands and/or fingers
or having his arm or hand in plaster or in a splint.

Fits the palm of the hand
of both children and adults!



GRIPO closely fits the palm of the hand of both children and adults!
It allows when writing to offset the thumb-index pinch and the holding pressure on the pen.
Its shape and size offers a better grip and allows holding small and thin tools (cutlery, toothbrush, pen…)
in the palm of your hand without having to bend your fingers excessively.
GRIPO smoothly fits both right-handed and left-handed people.
Its adjustment is very easy: a simple pressure between the extremities of its notches allows them to open up like two jaws.
A simple and clever product which quickly becomes compulsory on a daily basis!


built up handle







Easy to carry in your pocket
or your handbag to visit your friends,
go to the restaurant or go on a trip.




GRIPO fattens the handle of a piece of cutlery or other utensil up and gives it a skid-proof feeling.  
Enough with having to fish out spoons slipping in the sauce!
GRIPO also holds back spoons on the edge of plates, dishes and saucepans.
daily living aid
Non-absorbent and non-sticky, it can be washed in the dishwasher.
Multifunction, shimmering colors, hygienic, more fun and practical than traditional cutlery for gripping disabilities.
Diameter : 4 cm. - Weight : 15gr.
If needed the weight of your GRIPOBALLS can be increased by adding one or more GRIPOgrams.