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universal cuff

Disabled or weakened people have to start living with new tools, new objects. GRIPO can fit the toothbrush, pen or cutlery that you’ve always been using and therefore doesn’t oblige you to buy adapted tools. Thanks to its unique patented system and method, the GRIPOBALLS ensure you to get the finest grip on most of small and thin tools used in your every day life.

The GRIPOgrams allow you to weight down your GRIPOBALLS according to your specific needs. The usage of GRIPOgrams reduces shaking and allows a better coordination of movements.  They are recommended for people with dyspraxia, Parkinson's disease, sclerosis or hemiplegia.

GRIPOBALLS® combined with the metacarpal strap  GRIPOFIX will also help retrain weakened or paralysed muscles in the hand. After a cerebrovascular accident, a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury, the GRIPOFIX will allow you to turn your life around and accomplish essential activities in your everyday life again.

 Type : daily living aid (Built up handle + Metacarpal strap)



                   GripoFix                NBR FDA   LATEX FREE


Certification : Medical device class 1 ce copy  93/42/EEC

                         DIN EN71-3 "Safety of toys"

GRIPO past perfect in de handpalm van zowel kinderen als volwassenen!

"Gripo is playful in its smiley expression ... with all your spoon and pen in its mouth !!"


We are happy to introduce you to our new GripoKid paediatric metacarpal strap!!

Gripo Kid